Effect felt in London

In London the effect of the tragedy, which has caused great grief to the King and Queen, was the abandonment of Monday night's State Ball. The Archduke and the Duchess were guests of the King and Queen at Windsor last November, and endeared themselves to all.

The Kaiser has cancelled all fetes at Kiel, and will attend the funeral at Vienna.

The Assassin

The assassin Prinzip, who is 19 years old, has been studying for some time in Belgrade. In a statement made after his arrest he declared that for some time he had planned to kill a personage of high position.

He hesitated for a moment to-day on seeing the Archduke's consort beside him in the motor-car, but he fired two shots in quick succession. He denies that he had any accomplices.

Cabriuovitch, who threw the bomb, received it from an Anarchist in Belgrade, whose name he did not know. He also denies having accomplices. After he threw the bomb he jumped into the river to escape, but policemen jumped in after him and seized him. A second bomb was found near the spot where the first was thrown.

The following details of the first attempt are now available. The bomb was what is called a "bottle bomb." It was filled with nails and lead filings. The explosion was very violent, and the iron shutters of many shops in the vicinity were pierced by fragments of the bomb. About 20 persons were slightly injured, several women and children being amount the number.

In the course of the afternoon a considerable number of people reported slight injuries. An official of the local Government received severe injuries on the legs from splinters of the bomb.