THE older people’s commissioner for Wales has praised the contribution older carers make to the Welsh economy – estimated to be worth more than £4 billion a year.

The commissioner’s team visited the Irie Shack, Cwmbran, for an event organised by the Panteg Carers Support Group as part of the celebrations for Carers’ Week, which took place last month.

In total, 55 carers attended the event. The majority of these were older women, who care for dependants, including children with mental health issues, parents or husbands.

Sarah Rochira, the older people’s commissioner said: “Events such as these are a wonderful way of providing carers with an opportunity to socialise, make new friends and learn about support available.”

The visit formed part of the Commissioner’s Engagement Roadshow, which met with more than 5,500 people at 180 events across Wales in 2013.

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