IT now seems likely there is to be a radical re-shaping of the estate of the University of South Wales, with the Caerleon campus looking very vulnerable.

When the university merger was first suggested, one of the main fears was the university in Newport would lose its identity, facilities and courses.

Newport was lost from the name of the new institution and we have commented on that previously.

Likewise courses have been lost to this area, although it is fair to say they have been replaced by others, brought here from other sites.

Now though the University of South Wales has launched a major review of the buildings and land it owns, including the Newport city centre campus and Caerleon.

And the objective is to cut costs.

Given that Caerleon needs £20 million of investment to bring some of its buildings and ageing accommodation blocks up to scratch, it seems to us fairly obvious the USW will pull out of this campus at some point in the not too distant future.

The one shining light is the possibility of the creation of a ‘university quarter’ in Newport city centre, developing land near the current city campus.

This would be hugely welcome and would breathe new life into a plan first discussed many years ago.

It would also present yet another boost to Newport’s wider regeneration.