A SERVICE plan going before Newport cabinet this week promises continued regeneration for the city from more housing to greater night-time economy.

Regeneration and Regulatory Services aim to create and support safe and sustainable communities to live, visit and work. And with £250 million of council-involved investment, the service focuses on delivery of key projects that will support the council’s objective of improving people’s lives.

During the first half of 2014-15 the council will establish its first joint venture company, Norse Newport, which will seek to better maintain council properties and dispose of surplus property.

The Argus reported this week how the ten-year £7.3 million a year agreement was reached with Newport Council last week, and Norse Newport, a joint-venture between the council and Norse Group, owned by Norfolk Council, will manage the council’s 400 buildings and 1,000 parcels of land.

Elsewhere, the availability of quality housing through the Vibrant and Viable Places programme focuses on the £60 million investment programme to connect Commercial Street with the retail quarter and Pillgwenlly.

This will be done through creating residential units above commercial premises and in existing vacant properties. In turn this project will see investment in job opportunities.

Towards the latter end of 2014-15 the Local Development Plan will be presented to Council for full adoption. The LDP will give the framework for development across the city through to 2026.

The plan states a clamp down on Public Protection legislation saying it will target “high risk businesses” and try to improve food businesses by enforcing greater compliance.

The council are also considering a regionalised Trading Standards service with other Gwent local authorities.

The plan aims to alleviate antisocial behaviour by revising a list of ASB hotspots and targeting accordingly.

It is hoped, that with support from safer city operations with police, fewer vacant shops and granting planning permission for residential units above city shops – the 2014-15 target is 80 granted applications – will increase the city centre’s night-time footfall and economy.

The plan will be put to cabinet members for approval on Wednesday.