THE man spearheading the police operation around the Newport Nato summit has reiterated the M4 will not close – and says motorcades will be moved around traffic.

Speaking to the Argus, Merseyside Police Assistant Chief Constable Chris Armitt says dry runs have already taken place of how motorcades will be run through the motorway – and said they were confident they could pull it off without a bringing things to a standstill.

“We’ve no intention of shutting the M4. The M4 plays a critical role in the delivery of the summit,” he said.

“On the evening of the September 4 and the morning of September 5 at rush hour times there will be movements on the M4 that are driven by the event. We will make those within the normal traffic flow.”

He said that a motorcade – effectively a number of coaches, escort motorcycles and escort vehicles – were taken out into rush hour traffic to test their methodology.

“We were able to get to where we needed to go in the traffic flow with minimal disruption, and that has given us confidence that we can deliver without bringing things to a standstill,” he said.

Mr Armitt said there will be some disruption in the Cathays Park area of Cardiff City Centre on the evening of September 4 with a small number of road closures.

Police will facilitate the march due to take place on the Thursday from Clarence Place in Newport to near the summit venue, but said protestors will not gain access to Celtic Manor Resort.