GWENT Police have launched a campaign to improve cycle safety in Gwent, saying there were more collisions involving a cyclist last July than in any other month.

There were two fatal collisions, one serious and ten slight road traffic accidents involving bikes last July, and the force does not want to see similar statistics this year.

The month-long Sharing the Road safety drive targets motorist and cyclists, hoping they can both take steps to ensure they get to their destinations without hiccup.

A spokeswoman said: “In July last year we saw the highest number of road traffic collisions in Gwent involving a cyclist compared to other months. There were two fatal collisions, one serious and ten slight.”

During the campaign officers will go on cycle patrols of the most popular urban cycle routes in the force area, as well as carrying on a social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Police Sergeant Jason Love, leading the campaign, said: “Cycling can be great fun, a good way to stay fit and is for some a necessity to get from A to B. However, cyclists can be vulnerable.

“This campaign has been designed to increase awareness of the safety precautions cyclists can take, and to promote how road users can share the road safely.”

Drivers were advised to check for cyclists before opening car doors, make sure not to stop or park on a cycle track and stay behind advanced stop lines at traffic lights.

Advice for cyclists included never riding more than two abreast and riding single file on narrow or busy roads and around bends, wearing a correctly-fitted cycle helmet, riding well clear of the kerb and making sure to signal to drivers. If riding at night, cyclists should make sure they are seen by motorists by wearing fluorescent clothing.