I GREW up across the road from this building. It’s Carnegie library in Corporation Road, Newport.

When I was a boy I worked at the library. I used to take old newspapers to Palmers grocery store where they used them for wrapping up their goods.

Even though I’m now 88 years old I can remember that the caretaker was Mr Whant and the librarian Miss Jones.

I had two sisters and two brothers, and we all made good use of the library and its fair to say that we all became well-read and all joined the services – apart from one sister who worked at the post office.

Arthur Lloyd, Newport

The Now and Then picture shows Carnegie library on Corporation Road. I used to live opposite so it’s very familiar to me. I used to work at Orb steelworks and there is a school on the corner by the library and just around the corner the Orb club.

Mr J Hartshorne, Newport

This is Carnegie Library at the bottom of Corporation Road. A very busy building too as I think they run the home delivery service from there.

Jim Dyer Newport

Memories from last week I think the Now and Then picture is Bellevue park. I spent many happy hours there as a youngster, and even though I am now 86 I remember that park well as it was in the 1930s and 1940s.

There used to be half a dozen peacocks with their wonderful plumage, and now and again I would find a shed feather and I would take it home as a sweet prize. I remember that a bomb was dropped just missing Cardiff Road but demolishing the wall of the park.

The view in the old picture must be Whiteheads steelworks and then over to Pill.

After the war there was dancing around the bandstand with masses of people attending. It was a great place for girls and boys to meet and I used to spend a lot of my time there as a youngster, my mother used to send my brothers out to fetch me home and when I saw them coming I used to hide in the bushes, but they always found me and dragged me home.

I remember that the same night that the bomb dropped on the park one also dropped on a house just two doors away from where I lived. All of its windows were blown out and the roof badly damaged, but luckily no-one was hurt.

Mr W Kiff Cwmbran