THE Accident and Emergency department at the Royal Gwent Hospital is currently very busy, Aneurin Bevan Health Board said today.

The health board, which runs the hospital, urged patients to “choose well” when it comes to whether their complaint is appropriate for the emergency department or whether it could be better treated elsewhere.

“Emergency services are very busy and are getting busier,” the health board said. “They should only be used in very serious or life-threatening situations. Choosing well ensures that essential treatment is given, in the shortest possible time.”

Suitable conditions include chest pain, blacking out, serious blood loss, choking and serious injury, they said.

Injuries and complaints such as cuts, bites and sprains, vomiting, ear pain or a painful cough can be treated in the Minor Injuries Unit or by a GP’s Out of Hours Service.

The health board also advised that grazed knees or a hangover are suitable for self care.

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