Austria and Serbia

Presentation of a note

Reply demanded within 48 hours

Vienna July 24

At six o'clock this evening the Austro Hungarian minister at Belgrade presented to the Serbian government a verbal note containing the demands of the monarchy with regard to the suppression of the Pan-Serbian movement and the punishment of those concerned in the Sarajevo assassinations. A reply is required by six I clock on the Saturday evening.

History of Fiendish plot

Belgrade - memorandum on the results of the magisterial investigation at Sarajevo so far as it concerns officials mentioned is appended to the Austrian note. It says the criminal investigation by the Sarajevo court into the crime has up to the present resulted in the elucidation of the following facts: Firstly a plan with the object of assassinating the Archduke Francis Ferdinand during his visit to Sarajevo was hatched in Belgrade by Princip, Gabrinovitch, Ciganovitch and Gabrez with the assistance of Major Voya Tokkasitch.

Secondly the six bombs and the four Browning pistols with ammunition by means of which the miscreants perpetrated the crime were delivered in Belgrade to Princip. Gabrinovitch and Gabrez by Ciganovitch and Major Tokkasitch.

Thirdly the bombs were hand grenades from the Serbian army's store.

Fourthly to ensure the success of the attempt Ciganovitch showed the others how to use the grenades and gave lessons in pistol shooting in a forest. In order to enable Princip Gabrinovitch and Gabrez to cross the border of Bosnia Herzegovina and to smuggle their weapons across a system of secret transport was organised by Ciganovitch. In accordance with this organisation the introduction into Bosnia Herzegovina of the miscreants and their weapons was affected by captains on the frontier at Schnbatz as well as the customs officer.


(In the original Argus copy, 'Serbia' was spelt 'Servia' as was then the style).