Serbian anxiety to be friendly Vienna

In an interview transmitted from Belgrade the Serbian Premier declares that the Serbian government will do everything possible to improve the unfavourable situation caused by the Sarajevo murders so that the whole Serbian action may not suffer for the deed of an individual of probably abnormal mental condition.

In order to demonstrate the goodwill the Serbian government, he said would at once order the prosecution and trial of persons living in Serbian who are suspected if having been cognisant of the abominable crime if asked to do so. On his part the Hungarian premier declared in the Budapest Parliament that the situation was not such as would justify one in saying that a serious turn was probable.

Relentless movement Vienna

Commenting on the demarche of Austria-Hungary at Belgrade the semi official ‘Freundenblatt’ remarks the revolutionary incidents of Sarajevo have proved that this campaign against us is being carried out with terrible vigour.

It has been shown that the assassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his consort was perpetrated with the support of the subjects of the Serbian kingdom. We have to deal with a relentless irreconcilable and hostile movement which the Monarch is resolved absolutely to beat back.

(In the original Argus copy, 'Serbia' was spelt 'Servia' as was then the style).