AN 11-year-old girl who reached reach dizzying heights for charity when she climbed Snowdon in memory of a family relative, has raised more than £400 for charity.

Rogerstone Primary School pupil Isabel Young, has raised £4246.15 for St Davids Hospice in memory of her cousin Evie Hond's grandmother Dianne Burrows, who died of gall bladder cancer on February 3 this year at the age of 70.

On May 9 Isabel climbed Snowdon along with friends, Jasmine Bridges, Katy French, Isabel, Young, Millie Woodman, Mitchell Davies and Ayrton French, her father Jason Young, 47, and cousin, Evie Hond, aged nine.

Isabel, who had previously climbed the mountain aged just seven, camped overnight before they continued their climb to the top on May 10.

Her father Mr Young, who owns mobility shop EAZ Ability in Newport, said: “We decided to climb Snowdon to raise funds for St David’s Hospice, because the girls have done the climb before when they were younger.

“We raised a total of £4246.15 for St Davids Hospice in memory of Evie Hond’s Grandma, Dianne Burrows who died of Gallbladder Cancer.

“We chose the easier Llanberis path because the weather wasn’t very good with rain throughout the walk.

"It took us around eight hours in total to complete with some tears and blisters but afterwards they insisted on going swimming.

“We are all very proud of them and would like to thanks everyone for their very generous sponsors.”