LAST week we visited Chepstow Road, Newport, and received the following replies:

I believe the Now and Then picture is Chepstow Road, Newport. Eveswell School was on the left and in the distance is a tram car.

The trams only ran as far as Royal Oak. Further along on the left was Beechwood Park. I remember taking the tram and getting out at the park as a change from Bellevue park, providing I could get a penny for the fare of course.

My father was one of the workmen who removed the tram lanes from all over the town when buses took over. It was very hard work, no mechanical diggers, just picks and shovels.

William Kiff, Cwmbran

The Now and Then picture is of Chepstow Road and Eveswell. As you can see the tram lines are on the road and the large houses had to have some of their front gardens taken in order to widen the road. During the Second World War, Eveswell Street was bombed and also a fire station nearby. In the picture is Eveswell School and the church.

Mrs M Reardon, Newport

The Now and Then picture is of Chepstow Road. I can see Eveswell School, the Kensington Club behind and the doctor’s surgery. My dad used to attend that school.

Kim Brittan, Newport

This is Chepstow Road just past Maindee Square. Just beyond the horse and cart and by the tram in the ‘Then’ photo was the old Eveswell School, replaced a few years ago with a new building. Roads to the left included Batchelor Rd and to the right Oxford St.

Dave Woolven, Newport

This shows Chepstow Road, the stretch approaching Eveswell School. Once again this part hasn’t changed much over the years, though the areas to the left and right have.

Jim Dyer, Newport

Previous memories of Cambrian Road: The Now and Then features Cambrian Road. My father, Ramon O’Brien, was in the Newport Boy Scout Band and as a child I recall the band always after their parades had taken place marched back to their bandmaster’s house.

On the left-hand side of the photograph is Newport Arcade My brother Philip and I would run from High Street through the arcade and watch the scout band as they came around the corner and paraded up Cambrian Road. They would then march along Harrhy Street up to Railway Street.

Jane O’Brien, Newport