THE declaration made by world leaders at the end of the Nato summit should include a promise to resist Russian 'land grabbing', a Newport MP has said.

Paul Flynn has tabled an early day motion asking that the Newport Declaration, as he believes it should be known, includes an assessment of Nato's role in Afghanistan and a "strengthened unity" of Nato members in resisting Putin's "incursions into neighbouring states".

The motion, which Mr Flynn hopes will gather signatures from other MPs, was submitted on Monday (July 21) ahead of the last day of Parliament before the summer recess.

Mr Flynn said: "By the start of September, these issues will be big issues particularly how we line up against Putin.

"After these summits, there are declarations and there might well be some decision taken of major importance. The purpose of it is to make sure it becomes known as the Newport Declaration.

"We're all concerned about the land grabbing in Russia and this is the last chance to mention it in Parliament before the summit in September."

The early day motion says "this house hopes that the Newport Declaration from the Nato summit to be held in South Wales in September 2014 will include a realistic non-triumphalist assessment of Nato's role in Afghanistan and a welcome for the new strengthened unity of Nato nations in resisting the belligerence of President Putin's incursions into neighbouring states".

The Newport West MP also questioned Prime Minister David Cameron in the House of Commons on Monday (July 21) about the Nato summit.

Mr Flynn asked: "Will the Prime Minister use the Newport Nato summit to galvanise the new-found unity of Nato states to act strongly against the belligerence of Putin?"

Mr Cameron replied: "It is good that the Nato summit will be held in Newport. I think that the opportunity to demonstrate the unity of Nato and indeed its original purpose, which was to provide collective security, could not have come at a better time."