No sign of nervousness

War spirit in Austria

Vienna - The people of Vienna are looking forward to today’s decision of Serbia on the question of peace or war with great composure. No sign of nervousness is noticeable.

There were patriotic demonstrations in restaurants and cafés here last night and the bands of the establishments had constantly to play the national anthems and the March named after Prince Eugene of Savoy who occupied Belgrade in 1717.

The attitude of Austro-Hungary’s German and Italian allies is being followed with great attention and is producing considerable satisfaction.

The communique from a St Petersburg news agency has caused no surprise and it is not inferred from it that the localisation of the possible war will be prevented by Russia.

Private press reports from Belgrade are contradictory concerning the probable attitude of the kingdom.

Serbian officers apparently regard the conditions as dishonourable for the army but a large section of the bourgeois class think that Serbia could not stand a third war.

Belgrade fear

Belgrade – although nothing definite is as yet known, all possible precautions are being taken for the safety of the Serbian financial institutions and all of the treasures are now being moved to the interior the country.

There is a general feverish feeling of fear for the near future.

The cabinet is constantly sitting and is attended by the Crown Prince.

All eyes in Belgrade are turned towards St Petersburg and Paris as the threat of war increases.