Gravest crisis since1870

Austria preparing

Conflict imminent

Will Russia intervene?

All Europe involved

Two chances of peace have gone. Serbia might have submitted entirely, alternatively Austria Hungary might have accepted Serbia's qualified surrender. Neither thing happened the rupture between Austria Hungary and Serbia is an accomplished fact The following are the salient features which have arisen out of the dispute.

The Viennea foreign office politely but firmly rejected a Russian request for an extension to the time limit. On the same evening the Serbian government replied to the Austrian note in terms which were declared unsatisfactory but which contained very important concessions.

The Serbian minister in Vienna has been handed his passports and diplomatic treat ions have thus broken off.

Yesterday's assertion that war had been declared is inaccurate and it is possible that Austria will make no formal declaration of hostilities, but it was expected that the Austrian army would be in occupation of Belgrade very soon. No overt act of the sort had been committed up to the time of preparing this summary.

What is undoubtedly a 'act of war' was committed on Saturday night when the Serbian chief of staff was arrested while en route from Serbia to Belgrade.

He was released speedily on the direct personal order of the Emperor Francis Joseph but the arrest was an extremely grave measure only to be interpreted as meaning in the view of the Hungarian authorities,that a state of war already existed.

The Serbian government has transferred itself en bloc to Kragujevacz, a strongly fortified town almost in the centre of Serbia. The King, crown Prince and the court have also gone there.

On Saturday afternoon orders were issued for the mobilisation of the entire Serbian army. In Austro-Hungary also a partial mobilisation had been commanded by the Emperor, who in addition has decreed universal martial law and the suspension of all parliamentary and judicial institutions.

Various reports of Russia's intentions after the councils held by the Csar suggested that orders had been issued for the mobilisation of several army corps or even that a general mobilisation was about to take place.

Feeling in Russia is extremely strong on the question and it is held to be impossible for the Csar's government to hold aloof if Austria commences military action against Serbia in earnest.

The rumours of mobilisation in France are untrue but the French government is taking all necessary precautions and will not allow itself to be surprised.

Kaiser Wilhelm has cut short his Norwegian tour and is returning rapidly to Berlin where he is expected today.