First shots

A fight on the Danube

Vienna. Serbian troops on a Danube steamer near Temeskubin have fired on the Austro Hungarian troops who returned the fire. An engagement of some importance ensued, so far no official announcement of warlike conditions or of the outbreak of war has been notified to the Powers.

The dual monarchy being a signatory to the Second Hague Convention would be obliged to formally declare war but as Serbia did not sign the convention such a declaration migh be regarded as unnecessary in this instance.

Serbian activity Berlin.

Monday, the papers publish telegrams from Vienna according to which the Serbians have blown up the bridge over the Danube. Reuter

Panic at Belgrade

Vienna. Sunday. Telegrams give a lurid description of scene of panic in Belgade. While part of the population are migrating in cars piled high with their belongings, disorderly elements comb the suburbs endeavouring to ransack shops and dwellings and on one occasion.

Serbian troops fire a volley on the people. Large masses of troops have congregated. King Peter and the crown Prince have telegraphed Montenegro for support, the Montenegrin council resolved upon general mobilisation of the Montenegrin army.

Mediation suggested

Great Britain’s view Reuters agency learned that it became known in diplomatic quarters late last night that Great Britain had instructed her ambassadors in Paris, Berlin and Rome to suggest steps be taken at Vienna and St Petersburg with a view to the four powers directly interested in the Austro Serbian dispute, namely Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy being entrusted with a mission of mediation.

The peace of Europe

Statement by Sir E Grey. In the House if Commons. Sir E Grey said that as long as the dispute was one between Austria and Serbia alone Great Britain would not interfere but the moment another Power became involved the position would be critical. The question would be about peace in Europe and a matter that concerned all nations. The co-operation of the four powers was essential.

London Stock Markets The feature of the London stock markets on Monday was another sharp fall since Saturday.

Activity in London

British ministers busy

Mr Asquith returned to town this morning. Sir Edward Grey returned last night in consequence of the political situation abroad. Mr Churchill crossed from the Admiralty to the Foreign Office just after 11am, Mr Lloyd George has already returned.

The Italian Ambassador and the German Ambassador have visited and the Press Association has been informed that official statements will be made in the House of Commons this afternoon both as to the international and Dublin situation.