GWENT Police have uploaded a video to YouTube to tell Newport residents more about the upcoming Nato summit and how it will affect them.

The short film, which features Superintendent Mark Warrender, hopes to re-assure residents that it will be business as usual for Gwent Police and South Wales Police, despite facilitating one of the largest security operations ever seen in the UK during the summit.

In the video, Supt Warrender says: “Firstly, please be re-assured that normal policing will be maintained and our neighbourhood officers will continue their daily duties patrolling the area, protecting and re-assuring our communities.

“Expect, however, to see a lot more police officers out and about in the run-up to the summit particularly across Wales, but specifically in Newport and Cardiff cities.

“One of our responsibilities will be ensuring the safe transport and accommodation of our guests.

“This will inevitably impact upon traffic and pedestrian flow around the areas being used for the summit.”

Officers from all over the country will be arriving in Gwent in the lead-up to the summit in September to help Gwent and South Wales Police with the operation.

The video also warns residents to expect delays on the M4 motorway, near to the Celtic Manor and in Cardiff city centre.

Supt Warrender adds: “Some of the past summits have provided a focus for protesters.

“While we respect the right for peaceful protest, please be re-assured that we’re working with our partners to ensure any potential impact on communities and businesses is minimised.”

The Nato summit will be taking place at the Celtic Manor Resort on September 4 and 5.

Thousands of people are expected to descend on Newport, including 60 world leaders and their delegates and 1,500 members of the world’s media.