A PLANNING application to put up two wind turbines as much as 300ft tall at Great House Farm in Undy has been recommended for approval when it goes before the planning committee on Tuesday.

The application was deferred at the committee’s July meeting as members were minded to approve the application, and considered the proposal would not harm landscape, residential amenity, biodiversity, archaeological and highway safety interests.

Planning officer Kate Young has suggested conditions on the application, namely that the development shall begin within five years of the date of permission being granted; and a decommissioning and site restoration scheme shall be submitted for the written approval of the planning authority no later than 12 months before the expiry of the permission.

“The scheme shall make provision for the removal of the wind turbines and the associated equipment and foundations,” said the report.

The scheme shall include details of the extent of equipment and foundation removal and the site restoration to be carried out; the management and timing of any works; a traffic management plan to address likely traffic impact issues during the decommissioning period; an environmental management plan to include details of measures to be taken during the decommissioning period to protect wildlife and habitats; and identification of access routes.

The delivery of any construction materials or equipment other than turbine blades, nacelles and tower, should be restricted to the hours of 7am to 7pm on Monday to Friday, and 7am to 1pm on Saturdays with no deliveries on a Sunday or public holiday.

The turbine should have a semi matt finish and be a pale grey colour and there should be no permanent illumination on the site other than a “passive” infra red-operated external door light for the substation/transformer kiosk doors to allow safe access, in order to “protect the rural character of the site”.

Importantly, The officer recommended that all cabling should be laid underground.