Belgrade occupied?

A rumour has occurred that Belgrade is already occupied, the occupation from a military point of view will be no achievement. If it be true not only the capital has been evacuated but there are no considerable bodies of Servian troops in the area, politically it may be more important.

In Paris it was held last night that if Austria contents herself with the occupation of Belgrde, Russia will probably refrain from action calculate to destroy the peace of Europe. If Vienna is bent on a more advanced policy the risk of great conflict is extremely grave.

Sir Eadward Grey's proposal Why it was not acceptable to Germany.

The following statement was made in an official quarter in Berlin.

"Despite our sincere approval of Sir Edward Grey's object and our sympathy with his efforts of the preservation of peace, we are unable to see that his idea of a conference in London offers ny prospect of finding a way out of the difficulty.

Austria cannot consent to appear before a European tribunal like a Balkan state and explain her actions and allow her policy to be influenced by the decisions of such a court. We are convinced too the Russia would not consent to such a course.

As for Germany, she would be glad to join in any action which offered a prospect of success, but we cannot participate in an effort which offers none and in our opinion n ambassadorial conference in London is calculated to increase rather than diminish the difficulties of the situation.

The German foreign office is of the opinion that conversations between the Powers would afford better means to the desired end than the proposed conference. It considers the assurance that Austria intends not to annex any portion of Servian territory and being well aware that Serbia deserves chastisement thinks the Powers should be content to stand aside until the Austrian military measures against Serbia are completed, when an opportunity might arise for useful diplomatic effort.