Create an oasis for your guests and entertain outdoors in Arabian style. First make a wooden screen to form the back of the tent and a tent frame to drape over a canvas awning – or make your own gorgeous tent roof like ours in willow green and white fabric with golden tassels. Add a glamorous tabletop with metal inlay and engrave some richly-coloured Moroccan storm lanterns. Place some heavily rose-scented candles, sparkling cushions, low seating and exotic plants in the right spots, and lo and behold you have your own Bedouin tent with loads of atmosphere in which to entertain.

Difficulty rating :

4 stars (moderately difficult)

Materials required :

For Trellis

Dremel Trio which cuts, sands and routs and its accessories TR563 and TR407/408

Wooden trellis panels

Metal hangings or metal panels

External paint for trellis

Canvas or fabric for tent roof

White fabric for side curtains

For Glass Lanterns

Dremel 7700 with the Multi chuck 4486 and the Diamond Wheel Point 7103

Dremel Glue Gun with gluesticks

Coloured floor lanterns

Tea light candles

Construction of back of the Arabian nights tent using garden trellis

Buy ordinary garden trellis and using the Dremel Trio with its multipurpose cutting bit TR563, cut through the trellis to create space for metal hangings or panels, then sand off any rough edges using the TR407/408 coarse sanding bit.

Paint the trellis your desired colour using external paint. We used a pale dove grey. Cut feet from lengths of wood and affix to the base of trellis panels using the Dremel Trio™ with the accessory TR563, so that the panels are freestanding - or hinge them so that they stand at an angle like a screen.

Then, inset bought metalwork centres (we used brass kettle stands) into trellis panels and wire onto wood (or drill into wood if there are eye holes in the metal surround).

Next, create your roof from draped canvas or buy a tent on poles and fit your trellis inside it. Add white curtains for a private feel.

Glass engraving on coloured floor storm lanterns

Step One

Cut paper to fit one side of the lantern. Use a black pen to draw your pattern on the paper then tape it against the glass on the inside of the lantern.

Step Two

Use the Dremel 7700, with the Multi chuck 4486 and the Diamond Wheel Point 7103 to engrave the outline of the pattern. When complete remove the pattern.

Step Three

Continue engraving as before to thicken the line work and fill in any details. Use the Dremel Glue Gun to fix sparkly gems in the design of your choice.


Create display of Musas and Alpinia Purpurata Red exotic woody stemmed tropical flowers to go inside your cutting through the tough stalks using the Bosch Ciso cordless secateur.