Belgium invaded

Towns ablaze

Brussels - According to the ‘Patriote’, the Germans entered Belgium advancing in columns of infantry. One column advanced as far as Vise and halted on the right bank of the River Meuse. The Belgians are defending the passage of the river on the left bank and have prevented the Germans from throwing a bridge across.

Sharp engagements have taken place between Belgian and German cavalry but the Germans are impelled to wait for their provisions trains to come up so the Belgians may have the upper hand. On Tuesday morning a German parlementaire demanded the surrender of Liege but received a reply that the Belgian army would only yield to force.

Vise and Argenten are in flames, the Germans having set fire to them. Civilians are reported to have fired on the Germans who have apparently decimated the town of Vise.

A hundred thousand Germans are marching on Liege where an attack is expected tomorrow. A wounded German officer who was captured expressed astonishment at the resistance the Germans were finding in Belgium as they had been assured in Berlin that no opposition would be encountered in Belgium. A German aviator has been killed.

Fighting on Russian front

St Petersburg - Russian troops have established contact with the enemy along the greater part of the Russo-German frontier.

The German troops have fallen back a day’s march, burning villages over an enormous stretch of country. Reuters

Aeroplane downed  - Vienna - an account of the destruction of a Russian aeroplane by Austrians on the Russo-German frontier north of Lemburg has come in latest telegrams.

Meanwhile, a message telephoned from Lloyd’s agents at Dover states that a British warship has seized two German vessels.

It is reported that there is firing all around.