DERRY Wallace's family should be very proud of him.

Nine-year-old Derry, from Abercarn, has rightly been hailed a hero for raising the alarm after his dad Patrick suffered a stroke.

We can imagine that many youngsters in the same position would simply have panicked at the sight of their father collapsing in front of them.

But Derry first tried to call 999 on his mobile phone and then, when he could not get a signal, ran to a neighbour's house to call the emergency services.

The schoolboy then called his grown-up sister Jordan before heading back home to look after his dad until help arrived, putting a pillow under his head, holding his hand and talking to him.

Derry described himself as being 'a bit scared' at the time. We suspect that is something of an understatement.

Patrick is now recovering in hospital and he owes much to his quick-thinking son.

Big sister Jordan says her little brother is a 'little diamond'. We have to agree.

To do what he did, particularly when he had no idea what was happening to his dad, takes a lot of courage and clear thinking.

We are sure seeing his dad recover will be reward enough for Derry.

But when local hero awards are handed out, we hope his name is near the top of the list.