Mystery of the fleet

No battle yet

Loss of HMS Amphion, blown up by a mine

His Majesty’s ship Amphion sank this morning after striking a mine. Paymaster CD Gedge and 130 men lost, Captain and 16 officers and135 men saved.

As the ship was apparently accompanied by the Third Destroyer Flotilla to which she acted as a mother ship a large number of the crew were rescued by the destroyer.

It is now known that it was not the Amphion that had destroyed the German mine layer off Harwich, the new destroyer Lance was the hero of Britain’ first naval engagement. She only fired four shots but they were all sufficient.

The first shot destroyed the bridge and the third and fourth tore away her stern. She sank in six minutes. The British destroyer took the promptest measures to save those on board and 28 prisoners are now in Shotley naval barracks.

Four have had legs shot away while two are armless. None of the crew of the Lance received any injuries.

In Belgium This morning’s telegrams suggest that both Liege and the forts may soon be in the hands of the Germans, the defence has succeeded in holding up two German army corps, and if sources are reliable there should, within a few days be fought a battle which may have a determining effect on the campaign.

500,000 more men The House of Commons unanimously granted to the government a vote of credit for £100,000,000 and sanctioned an increase to the army by 500,000 men. Mr Asquith in commending to the House these unprecedented steps vindicated the policy and position of this country in a speech of extraordinary eloquence.

Call to Arms Lord Kitchener’s appeal Lord Kitchener, Secretary for War issued the following appeal

“Your King and country need you, a call to arms.

An addition of 100,000 men to His Majesty’s Regular Army are immediately necessary in the present grave national emergency. Lord Kitchener is confident that this appeal will be at once responded to by all those who have the safety of the Empire at heart.

Terms of Service General service for a period of three years or until war is concluded age of enlistment between 19 and 80.

How to join

Full information can be obtained at any post office in the kingdom or at any military depot.

God save the King.”