A NEWPORT musician who had her guitar stolen during a burglary has been surprised with a new one by a Blackwood music store.

Dani-Arianne Wells, aged 20, said her "faith in humanity has been restored" after Simon and Patricia Fowler, of Must Have Music, in association with Freshman guitars, gave her a new instrument for free.

Miss Wells was left devastated after her guitar was stolen out of her boyfriend Gareth Jones' car along with her songbook of 100 original songs at their Newport home on July 27.

Her guitar is her livelihood as she busks up to three times a week in Cwmbran town centre and regularly plays gigs around Gwent.

She is also due to go into her second year at BIMM music college in Bristol.

Miss Wells, of Colne Street, was taken to the Must Have Music store by her aunt Julia Sullivan to be surprised with the new guitar.

She said: "It was absolutely crazy. I wasn't expecting it, I thought maybe they were giving me collection money or some guitar stuff. It was just such a shock.

"I can talk for Wales but I was rendered speechless. I don't know them that well, I can't believe that someone can be that kind.

"After the burglary, I thought 'I hate everyone, no-one on this planet is nice'. I felt like everything was going wrong. They've restored my faith in humanity. I can't thank them enough."

Her boyfriend only realised his car had been broken into the next day as he prepared to go to his grandmother’s funeral.

A sat nav, CDs and a rare mono guitar case were also taken in the theft.

Must Have Music owner Mr Fowler said: "We're a Christian-based company, we work quite a lot with the community. I feel as if you've got to be there for people when people are in need. That's the sort of people we are. Freshman guitars have the same business approach as us.

"Dani and her family are lovely people, she wants to come in store and play a concert to show her appreciation. She cried three or four times when we gave her the guitar.

"We are really proud of who were are and what we can do for people. We've got a good reputation, we're currently working with the new Blackwood Cinema and regularly work with Caerphilly council."