A TEENAGE author from Newport has been named on The Times Top 25 Under 20 list of influential young people across the globe.

Nineteen-year-old Beth Reeks of Rogerstone, who writes under the name of Beth Reekles, has been named number six on the Times list of successful and influential young people under the age of 20.

The young author of three teen-fiction novels including The Kissing Booth, appears on the list along with Pakistani Taliban-survivor Malala Yousafzai, 17, and singer-songwriter Lorde, 17.

Speaking of her achievement she said: “I only found out yesterday (MON) when my old publisher from Random House called me to let me know.

“I am really excited- it is really fantastic.

“As soon as I heard, I popped out to the local shop to pick up a few copies.

“I wasn’t expecting it all- I didn’t even know about it until she called.”

The author, who will be going into her second year at Exeter University, was snapped up aged 17 after her story The Kissing Booth attracted more than 40,000 comments on the web.

One of the chapters of her book had one million reads alone.

The teenager who was studying for A-levels at the time, and wrote the stories in her bedroom, released her final book, ‘Out Of Tune’ in the three part book deal last month.

The writer’s contract with the publisher has since ended and now Miss Reeks is working alongside a new literary agent to secure another contract for her future books.

This isn’t the first time the teen has made a Times list- in October Miss Reeks made the list of 16 influential teens of the year, alongside Justin Bieber.

“I am really happy that I made the list,” she added.

“My parents were really excited when they found out- I called my mum again just after ringing her to let her know the Turkish copies of my book had arrived at the Post Office and she was really pleased.

“The fan reaction to the list was great- they were really pleased when I told them via social media and a couple of people said they had went out to buy copies of the Times.”