THE problems facing one of Newport's best-known live music venues seem odd in the extreme.

As we reported yesterday, Le Pub is facing closure unless it can raise £10,000 for sound-proofing following complaints about noise levels.

The city council, which does not have the power to close the venue, says it has received more than one complaint about noise nuisance and has threatened formal action.

All of the above would make sense if Le Pub was a newly-opened venue. But that is far from the case.

It has been in operation for 22 years.

So why are Le Pub's neighbours complaining now?

The building is well known as a live music venue. Anyone who has lived in Newport for any length of time will know this.

So are the complaints coming from neighbours who have suffered in silence for years but have now had enough? Or are they coming from people who have just moved in to the area?

Either way - and without disparaging the concerns of people who live nearby - we feel a certain sympathy for Le Pub.

The venue is using social media in an attempt to 'crowd fund' the £10,000 it needs to sound proof the roof.

We hope the fundraising campaign is successful.

Live music should be an integral part of any city's night time economy, and Newport has lost too many venues in the past.