A NEWPORT Women’s Institute group has been nominated by for a community award by their local councillors as part of Newport’s Night of Honour.

The Rogerstone Roses WI group were nominated by councillors Chris Evans and Tom Bond, for Rogerstone ward, to recognise the work of their litter picking group in the community

WI member Angela Heal leads the litter picking project, which sees up to 13 volunteers spend one day a month cleaning up areas in and around Rogerstone.

Councillor Chris Evans said: “They are a great, active organisation and the feeling is this nomination will go some way to recognise what they do. They make one heck of a difference.”

Cllr Evans said the women’s litter picking group does not seek to rival the work Newport Council does, but instead complement it.

Earlier this year the group helped council workers with their Spring Clean event, which saw more than 50 bags of rubbish collected on the first day.

Claire Cowper started the WI's litter picking group with the support of Keep Wales Tidy in 2009, when she was president of the Rogerstone Roses.

In 2010, thanks to a grant from the Welsh Government, the group bought the necessary equipment including a net to fish out rubbish from ponds and lakes.

Angela Heal, who now coordinates the litter picking group, said: “It’s excellent. I liaise with Newport Council and we ask members of the Rogerstone Roses which areas they think need doing.

“There’s always a lot of rubbish on the industrial estate and down by the shops, as well as behind the schools and on the river banks.

“We clear up a variety of rubbish. At the back of Rogerstone Primary School we often find lots of vodka bottles and drink cans."

The WI group will receive their award at the Newport’s Night of Honour awards on Sunday, September 28 at 6pm.

To nominate someone for the awards, including for the Newport Braveheart Award, Young Person of the Year, Above and Beyond Award or Neighbour of the Year award, please email noh@kings-church.org.uk or ring 01633 244453 for more information.