FOLLOWING Gwent’s successful A-Level results last week, no doubt there are plenty of young Gwenties preparing themselves to head to university in September.

Exciting times lie ahead but it's a big step and so you’ll want to make sure you’re properly prepared so It’s The Weekend has compiled this useful checklist for all your student essentials – as well as our pick of the best student bargains out there.

Sleep might not be the first thing you think of when you plan for uni but a duvet is of course an essential. Why not try finding one with two different warmth layers that fix together – then you’re sorted whatever the temperature of your new home.

At least two sheets, two duvet covers and four pillow covers are also needed – one set for washing while you’re using the other set.

If you’re in halls, like most freshers, you’ll almost definitely have just a single bed so two pillows should be fine. It’s always handy to have a scatter or throw cushion or two in case everyone ends up hanging out in your room and needs something to sit on.

A warm blanket, fleece or otherwise also helps – for those times when you just need something warm and comforting after a bit too much enjoyment of the student lifestyle.

Having enough towels is also very important, especially if you have friends or family planning on staying with you at any point - make sure you wash and, importantly, dry, your towels properly.

And to give your room that extra light why not invest in a cheap and cheerful lamp from Ikea or similar. For bonus points, buy yourself some fairy lights.

Student buys

1. House of Bath ( Four Season Duvet Set £29.95 - £49.95 (single, double, king). This fantastic value duvet set comes with a 4.5 tog and a 9 tog duvet that attach with touch fastenings, so you can use the light one in the summer, the heavier in spring and autumn and both in the winter. It's the only way to stay comfy over the British year. Made in the UK with non-allergenic materials, this set represents excellent value.

2. Ten-Gang socket adapter with Tiny Footprint £19.95 from Computers and TV systems are notorious for gobbling up sockets with all their add-ons, and normal multi-adapters can take up more room than you’ve got. This fantastic upright adapter has 10 sockets, five on each side, and only takes up a small amount of floor or desk space.

3. Radflek radiator reflector panels are a great, low-cost way for cash-strapped students to keep rooms toasty and save energy. The reflectors are made from a specially-coated laminated aluminium foil that reflects 95 per cent of the wasted heat from behind radiators back into the room. Fitting them is quick and easy, with no DIY know-how required – they simply hang between the wall brackets at the back of the radiator. They also last for around 60 years, so they’re great for students to take with them each time they move house. Prices range from £21.99 for a 3-sheet pack of reflectors (enough for 3-6 radiators) to £49.99 for an 8-sheet pack (enough for 8-16 radiators). However, Radflek is currently offering a special summer discount of 30 per cent off everything until August 31. Visit

4. House of Bath Super Comfy Fleece Onesie £24.95

5. Tiger Stores Notebook £1

6. Tiger Stores Board Cork with wooden frame £5

7. The Gift Oasis Campervan Toaster £34.95

8. Magpie - BIRDY II - set of 4 side plates £20 from

9. Home Candy Rainbow Stag Mug £7

10. Photo Frame Family Time Clock £24.99