THE sooner the driver who put three elderly pedestrians in hospital is caught and taken off the roads the better it will be for all law-abiding people.

Saturday's horrific hit-and-run in Caerleon has left a family devastated and a business facing a massive repair bill.

Meanwhile, the person responsible for the incident and his passenger ran away like the cowards they are and both are undoubtedly being protected by their family or friends. Their behaviour is just as cowardly.

Hopefully the pair will be caught quickly now police have appealed for information about the incident via the media.

Quite why it took police until yesterday to reveal details about a serious incident that took place on Saturday night is beyond us.

In cases like these, the quicker information is made available to the public the sooner people come forward with vital leads for the police.

When the hit-and-run driver is caught we hope the full force of the law is used to deal with him. His female passenger deserves to be before the courts as well.

There is no way either of them would not have been aware of the seriousness of what happened on Saturday.

They should do the decent thing (if they have any decency) and give themselves up.

In the meantime, we send our best wishes for a speedy recovery to the pair's three utterly innocent victims.