NEXT week's Nato Summit in Newport continues to divide opinion.

There are those who believe the event will be of long-term benefit to Newport as a city.

There are those who see the summit as a huge waste of money and nothing more than a massive inconvenience for local people.

There are those who will use the next week to exercise their democratic right to protest long and hard about Nato and its activities.

I fall into the first category. Just.

But the strength of my conviction that the summit will be, on the whole, a good thing for Newport dissipates the closer we get to the arrival of President Obama and another 50-odd world leaders.

Why? Because Newport should have the eyes of the world on it for a few days but media at home and abroad continue to report the summit is taking place in Cardiff.

This week alone BBC Radio Four's Today programme, Jon Snow on Channel 4 News, the Guardian and the Daily Mail have all reported on the summit and all have said it is taking place in Cardiff.

To be fair to Today, they apologised for the error yesterday and devoted some air time to Newport. Sadly, it was a pretty poor stereotypical segment but at least they made an effort.

To an extent, the standard of reporting does not surprise me.

The national media - and broadcasters in particular - have an overwhelmingly Cardiff-centric attitude to Wales.

Even the BBC and ITV in Wales only became interested in the summit when security fencing appeared in the centre of Cardiff.

The fencing is an issue in itself. There is no doubt it is far more disruptive and visible than what we have in Newport, and that has led to the misconception about where the summit itself is taking place.

And then, of course, there is the name of the summit itself and that awful logo that accompanies it.

The insistence from the Welsh Government that Wales claims the summit for the country as a whole does not work in Newport's favour.

We raised the issue two months ago and we are being proved right.

Every previous Nato summit has been named after the host city, like the last one in Chicago.

No-one attending those summits - whether they be politicians or media representatives - has been left in any doubt as to where the event is taking place.

The decision to name next week's event the Nato Wales Summit has led directly, in my view, to national and international media making wrong assumptions about where it is actually taking place.

The Argus is doing its best to stand up for Newport on this issue. We can say it's the Newport Summit until we are blue in the face, but ultimately we are preaching to the converted. You, our readers, know Newport is the host city.

It's the rest of the world that needs convincing - and that requires other people, most notably our elected representatives, to stand up for Newport as well. With the odd honourable exception, we haven't seen too much of that.

Over the next 10 days or so, the Argus will be bringing you the best up-to-the-minute coverage of the summit and its aftermath.

We will have reporters and photographers at the Celtic Manor, with protest groups, and keeping an eye on traffic and other disruption. There will be live text, video and audio coverage of events throughout the week on our website, starting with this weekend's protest march.

For the best coverage of the Nato Newport Summit, make sure you follow the Argus in print, online and by mobile.