THE difference in average property prices across Gwent is as big as £100,000 between counties, according to the UK Land Registry.

Meanwhile, data shows that prices in Torfaen are returning to where they were last summer.

In July 2013, the average price of all types of house in Torfaen was £103,219, dropping by around £4,000 between June and August before returning to another peak in March this year of £104,377.

Data from June this year shows average house prices in Torfaen back at £101,238.

In Blaenau Gwent, housing was around £5,000 more expensive in June this year than it was in July 2013.

Last July the average price across all types of property was £62,889, rising to £69,154 in November before dropping again until May this year when the average cost once again rose to £69,127. According to the most recent data from June the average price was £67,681.

For semi-detached houses, £66,662 was the average price in July 2013, a figure which has risen by around £5,000 to £71,741 this June.

In Newport, the average price of all types of property was £110,581 in July last year, rising to a peak of £113,143 in February this year before returning to £111,347 in June.

Across Caerphilly £93,320 was the average cost of all types of property in July 2013, rising to a peak of £97,418 in November before dipping again to £97,615 in June this year.

Monmouthshire has the highest average house price of all five Gwent counties. In July last year the average cost, taking into account all types of property, was £173,687 in Monmouthshire - around £100,000 more than in Blaenau Gwent.

This figure rose almost £7,000 to a high of £180,491 in January this year, but in June had dropped back around £5,000 to £175,418 on average.