TWO people were arrested after Newport County's away victory at Portsmouth FC on Saturday afternoon, with fans describing unrest and violence outside the stadium on social media.

Reports of a child being hurt by a glass bottle were not corroborated by the local ambulance service, with a South Central Ambulance Trust spokeswoman saying they have no record of such an incident.

Hampshire police force said the match day was no worse than normal in terms of arrests, and members of County Supporter's Club and the County Supporter's Trust reported seeing no violence.

But a police spokeswoman confirmed that two people were ejected from the game and two arrests were made.

A 20-year-old Newport man was arrested and charged with being drunk and disorderly and has been bailed to appear before Portsmouth Magistrates Court on September 16.

Another man was arrested on suspicion of assault at Fratton train station, near Portsmouth's ground, at around 5.30pm which is being investigated by the British Transport Police (BTP), she said.

A spokesman for BTP said the man was recorded on their log as being a Newport County supporter but could not give further details.

The Portsmouth United fan group on Facebook posted a statement, saying: "We are appalled at the violence yesterday and wish all those injured a full and speedy recovery. We also hope that those responsible are identified and brought to justice, with life bans imposed where appropriate.

"Seeking revenge when we go to Newport will solve nothing. All it will do is perpetuate a cycle of needless violence.

"Rise above it."

Jeff Challingsworth, secretary of Newport County AFC Official Supporter's Club, said he could not comment on any violence as he did not see any, but said people who misbehave at matches often don't wear team colours.

"One of the unfortunate things about being successful is that you attract a fringe minority," he said. "Violence and hooliganism has no place in football at all.

"On our coaches we have a strict code of conduct and we don't tolerate any messing around. We were mixing with the fans before and after the game, no one likes to see their team lose, but I didn't see anybody starting anything," he said.

"With 16,000 supporters the atmosphere will be different to 2,000, there's a lot of so-called banter. When County fans get behind the club there's no bunch of finer people I would rather be associated with, the way they supported the club yesterday generally was great."

Tony Pring of Newport County Supporters Trust said he had no concerns about County going back to Portsmouth next year.

"It concerns me that we may have gone back a bit, we were there last year and over the past two seasons it's been really good to be honest," he said.

"I have no concerns about going back to Portsmouth. It seemed to be the same old crowd having the same old fun, it was a happy day, I would be surprised if any of our fans went there looking for trouble."

A spokesman for Newport County said the club has been made aware of the reported incidents and chief executive David Boddy contacted the club's assigned police inspector, who will look into the claims and compile a report.

A spokesman for Portsmouth FC said he was unable to comment until he'd spoken to the club's safety officer this morning (Monday).