LITTLE Alicia Sims' family couldn't be more proud after the six-year-old's quick-thinking helped save her dad's life.

The youngster from Newbridge knew exactly what to do when diabetic dad Martin, 41, fell unconscious at home and was in danger of slipping into a diabetic coma.

Instead of panicking, she even made sure he had a bottle of Lucozade in case he woke up to raise his blood sugar, before rushing to alert her grandmother Jennifer who lives on the same street.

Mum Hayley, 35, said: "We're just so proud of her. She stayed so level headed.

"If Alicia hadn't acted so quickly, he might have died. She was so brave."

Mr Sims called her his "little angel".

"At the end of the day she's only six and she's saved my life - I'm so very proud of the way she handled the situation," he said.

Mrs Sims said Alicia, who goes to Tynewydd Primary, was watching cartoons in the living room when her dad collapsed on Saturday evening.

She said: "Alicia made sure he was comfortable and put something under his head. She even stood on a chair and got him a bottle of Lucozade from the fridge.

"We taught her what to do if Martin had an attack but we didn't expect her to have the presence of mind to carry it out, she's only six years old and still a baby."

Alicia's grandmother Jennifer Milton called paramedics, who were able to give Mr Sims, 41, the insulin injection he needed.

Mrs Sims said: "He was fine after that and didn't need to go into hospital. Alicia was upset because her dad wasn't very well, but other than that she was fine. If she hadn't been so level headed there could have been very serious consequences.

"We had an Indian meal, which she loves, to say well done."

Mr Sims suffers from type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes, a long-term condition where the body is not able to control the amount of glucose in the blood. Without treatment it can lead to coma or death.