A NEWPORT man whose band was politely rejected by so called fifth Beatle Sir George Martin has heralded the producer.

Phil Mansell, from St Julians, sent his band’s demo tape to the star producer’s AIR Studios London in 1973.

He was sent a signed rejection letter, which said The B.O.I.’s music was “pleasantly formed” but had “no particular striking qualities”.

Sir George died on Tuesday aged 90. He produced more than 700 records and worked with artists including The Goons and Gerry and the Pacemakers.

Mr Mansell, who also served as the band's producer, sent the letter under a pseudonym. Yorick Zimmerman was chosen to include Bob Dylan's surname.

South Wales Argus:

Today, the former amateur guitarist who eventually worked at the University of Wales, Newport said he was struck by the politeness of the note, which he received on June 26, 1973 – four years after he produced The Beatles’ Abbey Road.

He said: “He was a real gentleman and that is what people always say about him.”

The B.O.I., formed in Birmingham in 1969, never secured a record contract and were also turned down by Elton John’s Rocket Records, Richard Branson’s fledgling Virgin Records and John Peel’s Dandelion Records.

The only handwritten rejection letter was sent by John Peel.

For more information on Mr Mansell's band visit his blog here.