A WOMAN who assaulted a “vulnerable” man in his home and encouraged her boyfriend to “finish him off” has been jailed.

Linda Clarke, 32, of Clydach Street, Brynmawr, has been sentenced to 32 weeks in prison over the assault on January 17 which she committed with boyfriend Paul Lewis, who is now dead.

Cardiff Crown Court heard the victim, Mr Tucker, had invited Lewis and Clarke to his home in Sunnybank Court, Brynmawr, after meeting Mr Lewis three days before. Clarke visited the home by her self and was drinking cider, the court was told.

David Pugh, prosecuting, said: “Suddenly without warning Ms Clarke lent over and kissed him on the lips. His reaction was what are you doing, you are Mr Lewis’ girlfriend. She said I am not his girlfriend, I am his carer.”

Later that day, Clarke returned to the flat with Mr Lewis. After Mr Tucker, 57 who suffers severe spinal and mobility issues, opened the door, Clarke shouted “lay him out Paul, lay him out.”

“Mr Lewis was swinging his arms, saying you raped my missus,” said Mr Pugh.

“He punched Mr Tucker to the face, causing him to stagger back and fall to the floor.”

When Clarke and Lewis entered the flat, Clarke said: “Lay him again, finish him off.” She attempted to pull his hair, the court heard.

Mr Tucker staggered to his feet and was about to phone the police when Lewis took his phone.

“Clarke said “get the phone”, stop him calling the police,” said Mr Pugh.

Mr Tucker followed Lewis out of the flat to get the phone and when he returned, Clarke had filled a plastic bag with tins of food from his kitchen cupboard, the court heard. When the victim took the bag, Clarke struck him in the face. After Lewis and Clarke had left, the victim left his home to go to the police and collapsed in the street.

“His nose was bleeding and the blood was dripping down into his mouth,” Mr Pugh said.

Mr Tucker was treated by paramedics at the scene. When he returned to his flat, Mr Tucker found a spare key and his cordless phone were missing. In a victim impact statement read out in court, Mr Tucker said he now felt like a “rabbit in the headlights” and has lost confidence.

Eugene Egan, defending, said Clarke had been drinking “far too much” at the time of the assault but is now “stone cold sober.” She has been taking English courses and has found employment while in custody, the court heard. Judge Paul Lewis QC said Clarke had an “appalling record” of criminality with 44 previous convictions.

“In my judgement, I would be failing in my duty if I do not impose a term of imprisonment,” he said. He sentenced her to 32 weeks in prison. A restraining order preventing Clarke contacting or visiting Mr Tucker was made.