Jess Morgan

Edison Gloriette (Drabant Music)

The success of Ed Sheeran in the charts at the moment is no surprise, but Ed is only one of many singer/songwriters out there at the moment. If you love acoustic pop fused with a dose of folk and country, Jess Morgan’s Edison Gloriette is a great place to start. The Norwich – based singer/songwriter kicks off the album with the breathy reflection of The Longest Arm and Don’t Meet Your Heroes, while mid-way point there’s the intimate storytelling of Come To The Opera With Me, the cheekiness of Skate When Your Skinny and the classic country vibe of Red Rubies.

Fans can catch the lady herself playing live at Pembrokeshire’s Cuffern Manor on May 4.

Bring Me The Head Of…

Bad Sam (Kriminal Records)

Available on limited edition green vinyl and shortly CD, Newport’s Bad Sam are proclaiming Punk’s not dead with their latest release, Bring Me The Head of..

12 tracks make up this release which from the opening of Boo Hoo to the final moments of Grand Pandemic take in a broad variety of edgy subjects via caustic vocals and fiery guitar riffs.

Among the topical laden tracks are Newport Hotel, Mr Trump and Other People’s Med’s. With its Boots rooted very much in the present there’s plenty to listen to including a colourful choice of language, but this doesn’t detract from the sensitive issues the band are singing about,

Andy Howells