THOSE of us who remembers the 1980’s, when Maggie Thatcher and her Conservative government ruled with a capitalist iron fist. Selling off underfunded public services to private investors, who then invested in those services and now make millions of pounds in profits.

The Tories destroyed our industrial industry, while willing to buy foreign coal and steel. The Labour party was going through a navel gazing and infighting phase, with Lord Kinnock and the loony left led by Jeremy Corbyn fighting for control.

Give Theresa May and her Conservative government a shock by voting for Plaid Cymru. As Labour MP’s will be unable to stand up for Wales because they will be “squabbling” among themselves in the aftermath of the election.

It is quite clear Welsh Labour and Corbyn Labour are two different parties and the MPs that are elected for Labour from Wales follow the Corbyn in London and not Carwyn Jones in London. Carwyn’s Welsh Labour manifesto is not worth the paper it is written on.

If Wales want a strong and stable opposition party to fight for a good deal for Wales during the Brexit talks, then a vote for Plaid Cymru.
Andrew Nutt 
Heolddu Road