DEAR Prime Minister, 

I would like to highlight the point of you being in favour of foxhunting which is of course your personal view, however, you and other members of parliament should not be allowed what you describe as a free vote, as their individual views do not come into the equation.

Every member should return to their individual constituencies, seek the views of the voters who put them into office, then return to the house and vote what their supporters want, and not what their individual views are, or what the party as a whole want. In doing so, I believe that you, and the likes of the supporters of the foxhunting fraternity will see why the ban was brought into being in the first place.

It happens so regularly that we the voters are so often totally ignored as though we didn’t exist when important items like this require our input but are brushed aside time and time again.

Prime Minister, do the right thing for once and allow us our views and not that of the rich. 

Ken Holder
Hill Street