BREXIT is only a sideshow! Theresa May would have you believe that she needs to elect as many Conservative MPs as possible to give her a strong hand in negotiations with the EU - but this is only a ruse.

What it is actually about is electing as many Conservative MPs so that they can ram through the House of Commons legislation to enact the changes to constituency boundaries set out in the proposals by the Boundary Commission.

These dangerous proposals were blocked during the Cameron government because of its small majority.

These changes would ensure permanent Conservative majority governments in future on a reduced House of Commons of 600 constituencies.

As always the Conservatives act not in your interest but their own self interest.

To allow this to happen would mean an end to any chance of electoral reform to replace first-past-the-post with a fairer more proportional voting system for the foreseeable future.

In order to stop the UK becoming a Tory fiefdom on June 8th don’t vote Conservative.

Malcolm Degroot
Rowan Way