THE mother of a Welsh Olympic medal-winning cyclist has been knocked over while cycling.

Olympian Becky James, 25, pleaded with people to "think bike" after mum Christine James, 55, was hit, breaking her pelvis.

Becky is a former world sprint champ who won two silver medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Her mum Christine only took up cycling because she was worried about Becky and her sisters going cycling out on their own.

But in 2013 Christine was runner-up in the over 50s category in the National Mountain Bikes Championships.

Christine, of Abergavenny, South Wales, was pictured wearing a neck brace after the accident in Monmouthshire on Thursday afternoon.

She said: "Not how I was expecting my Thursday afternoon ride to end. Think Once, Think Twice, Think Bike."

Daughter Becky, from Abergavenny, retweeted her mum's post with a broken-hearted emoji saying: "People, PLEASE think once, think twice, think BIKE!!!! My poor Mumma."

Gwent Police said they were called to a report of a collision between a female cyclist and a car at around 12.14pm.

A spokeswoman said: "The female cyclist was taken to hospital to be treated for her injuries which were not thought to be life threatening."

Christine's husband David said on social media that his wife suffered a fractured pelvis and bruised lungs.

He added: "Very lucky as hit sideways at speed."

Fellow cyclists Dani King, Elinor Barker, Victoria Williamson and Katy Marchant have all passed on their best wishes to Mrs James for a speedy recovery.