SWELTERING temperatures are forecast to stay this week after Gwent bathed in the sun over the weekend.

Across the region, gauges stayed in the high 20s and went into the 30s in some places as the summer started in earnest on Saturday and Sunday. One reader in Cwmbran recorded the temperature at 33 degrees on Sunday.

However, forecasters from the Met Office believe that although temperatures will remain high into the coming week, cloud and possible showers could be around the corner.

According to the meteorologists, it could be another hot day, with maximum temperatures of 30C in Newport on Monday.

“Another largely dry, hot and sunny day,” said the chief forecaster for the Met Office in relation to Monday’s weather.

“Patchy cloud may form into the afternoon, possibly with the odd, perhaps thundery shower later on, but these will be very isolated.”

Temperatures should begin to drop on Tuesday, with a maximum of 26C, followed by highs of 25C, 20C and 18C on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as well as Saturday respectively.

There could also be a few showers on the horizon, according to the Met Office, later in the week as more cloudy weather is forecast.

“Largely dry and mostly very warm, locally hot in the south,” said the chief forecaster.

“Plenty of sunny spells, but the odd heavy shower cannot be ruled out.”