A DRIVE to connect Welsh pupils with coding, backed with £1.3 million of new funding, has been announced by the education secretary Kirsty Williams today.

Computer code is a set of rules or instructions that makes it possible to create computer software, apps and websites.

The Welsh Government is aiming to expand code clubs in Wales.

Around 300 clubs currently exist across the country and the education secretary wants all pupils to have the opportunity to learn about and get involved in coding as the importance of digital skills continues to grow.

There are currently around 1.5 million jobs in the digital sector in the UK, 400,000 of which involve coding. It is estimated that there will be 100,000 new coding jobs by 2020.

Kirsty Williams said: “Code is part of almost everyone’s lives. When we check out social media, access an app or computer we are using systems created through code.

"It is an essential building block of our modern world and I want to make sure as many of our young people have knowledge of it as they develop their digital skills.

“Through this £1.3m of new investment we are aiming to expand the number Code Clubs in every area of Wales for learners aged three-16 so that they can develop their skills which will be vital part of thriving in our increasingly digital economy."

Maria Quevedo, director Code Club UK added: “We're excited to be working with the Welsh Government to give more children and young people across Wales the opportunity to attend a Code Club, and to learn about computing and digital making.

“Code Clubs are a fun and engaging way to help the next generation develop these essential skills, so they are capable of understanding our increasingly digital world and equipped for the jobs of the future.”