A TATTOO studio in Newport offered special tattoos today to raise money for victims of the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London.

Tattoo artist at Good Egg Tattoos, in Commercial Street, inked London themed tattoos as well as the Manchester bee tattoo on customers.

Tattoo parlours across the country started offering tattoos of bees – a symbol of Manchester – after the suicide bomber attack in the city on May 22, which left 22 people dead and a further 120 injured.

The tattoos represent a gesture of defiance following the bombing as well as raising funds for the victims of the attack.

Owner Lee Nicholls said that within two hours they had completed around 20 tattoos.

He said: “Today is going really well, it has been busy.

“It has been good because we have had a very positive response.

“The majority have been for the Manchester appeal – we have done a lot of bees, but we have not done any for the London attack yet.”

Mr Nicholls said they were offering a tattoo of the London skylight for the London appeal, among others, and that they are charging between £30 and £70 per tattoo.

He said he doesn’t know of any other studios in Newport who have taken part in the appeal.

“We decided it was a good idea to do this,” he said. “It all started with the Manchester appeal, but we decided to include London as well.

“It is a reminder for people that they have done something good.

“A lot of people that have come today knew someone who was in Manchester.”

The tattoo artist said they have tattooed the bees all over people’s bodies, from the back of the neck to the foot, and that they all have been different sizes.

He wasn’t sure how much they have raised so far.