WELSH and Scottish ministers will meet today, Thursday, to discuss the impact of Brexit on devolution.

Wales' finance and local government secretary Mark Drakeford along with counsel general Mick Antoniw will meet Scotland's Brexit minister Michael Russell and lord advocate James Wolffe in Cardiff to discuss the EU Withdrawal Bill.

When the draft legislation was revealed earlier this month both the Welsh and Scottish governments claimed it would result in devolved powers being taken back by Westminster.

Speaking ahead of the meeting Mr Drakeford said: "We want to help the UK government to find a way out of the mess in which it finds itself and we will come to the table constructively to discuss UK frameworks which may be necessary when the UK leaves the EU.

"This must be done by agreement and not through imposition."

He added: "Our model of devolution has drawn public support through various elections and referenda and therefore cannot simply be reversed with the stroke of a pen in Whitehall."