The first master class held as part of the Newport Gin Festival at Mojo The FoodBar has been hailed a huge success.

The event, staged at the Clarence Place fine dining restaurant, attracted a wide range of gin aficionados who got the chance to learn more about Liverpool and Whitley Neill craft gins from expert Dennis Glynn.

The evening saw tastings of eight different gins from Whitley Neill, including nettle, quince, and one including the mysterious baobab fruit from Africa.

Dennis took samplists on a journey of discovery as he explained the intricacies of the various ‘botanicals’ used in the creation of the unique flavours of each of the neat gins tasted.

The gin fans also got to try three cocktails created by inspired Mojo mixologist Andrej Madaras and a range of canapés created by the kitchen team incorporating some of the gins being tried.

Gin fan master class guest Robin Hall, managing director of Newport-based Kymin Financial Services, said: “It was a wonderful evening. The venue, Mojo The FoodBar, is exceptional. Dennis told us so much about the intricacies of the various types of craft gin. He opened a whole new world of gin for me and the rest of the masterclass. Drinking gin neat and savouring each botanical is a revelation.”

The Newport Gin Festival, staged by Newport-based Niche Hospitality, is running throughout August at Mojo The FoodBar, Clarence Place restaurant and the Riverside Bar and Kitchen next door.

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