READY to release your inner Tarzan? Then try out the thrilling Go Ape course at Margam Park. ROBERT OWEN reports.

LOCATED in the picturesque grounds of Margam Country Park estate, in Port Talbot, is the UK’s number one forest adventure.

Whether you’re a cheeky little monkey, or young at heart, Go Ape is sure to offer you a thrilling experience that you’ll never forget.

Full of treetop fun for adults and children, the award-winning attraction now has nearly 30 different locations across the UK, with the Margam site the first to open in Wales.

But be warned - set 120 feet above the forest floor - it is not for the faint-hearted.

Not particularly fond of heights I persuaded my wife it would be the perfect tonic to help her overcome any fears she had.

Wide-eyed, I could tell she was nervous, but I reassured her on the drive there that the ascent would probably be gradual.

I was not to know that within the first five minutes of the course she would have to propel herself across a mid-air swing like an indigenous primate into a cargo net hung from a towering ancient oak.

I also did not realise that aside from a brief safety lesson we would be left to our own nose-bleed-inducing devices.

Thankfully, she took it in good spirits – legs shaking admittedly – and continued to move forward.

For those who decide it is too much, there are sections to the course, and you are able to decline to carry on at the end of any of these.

My wife duly did this shortly after, albeit after a 100-metre zip-wire to reach the safety of the forest floor again - but I think she secretly enjoyed that part.

Nevertheless, I continued alone from that point.

I’ll admit, I was also a bit taken aback by the shock of how high we were.

But with a woman twenty years my senior pressing ahead in front of me, my pride would not let me dwell on this, and once I got into the routine of making sure I was attached to the safety ropes at all times - I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

There is a welcome variety of obstacles to the course. Some parts require balance, others co-ordination, and some upper body strength.

But with a three hour limit to complete the course, there is ample time to navigate across at your own speed.

Margam also boats the biggest Tarzan swing in the UK – a stomach-wrenching six metres drop through the air.

It is brilliant.

So too are the three zip-wires - the final one of which is so long it takes a good minute to complete.

I did not land a single one on my feet, with bark filling both my shoes and my top as I slid inelegantly across the floor and crumpled in a heap.

But I was hooked. Literally and figuratively.

And had time not been against us I would have done the course a second time.

Literally buzzing with adrenaline, I think I might even have been able to get my wife to give it another go too. Go Ape is great fun, be it for couples like us, families, team-building work trips, or stag and hen parties.

I highly recommend it.

The minimum age is ten, sensible clothing and sturdy shoes or trainers are required, and gloves are suggested.

Tree Top Adventure tickets are £33 for ages 16 plus, and £25 for those aged 10 to 15. The course is open from February until November.

Parking at Margam Park costs £4.90 for the day.

Visit for more information, or call Go Ape on 0845 643 9236.