A MONMOUTHSHIRE doctor is under investigation by the General Medical Council (GMC) over her work with transgender patients.

Abergavenny GP Helen Webberley and her practice GenderGP is under investigation following a number of complaints from some NHS gender specialists.

Dr Webberley said: "As often happens while cases are being investigated, the GMC has put in place what is called an 'interim order of conditions' on my work with transgender patients. This means that, although I am perfectly able to carry on my important work with adults and children, it is on a supervised basis in order to protect myself and also my patients. The order they have placed is the minimum order possible, and for the maximum duration of the investigation - 18 months.

"Any doctor that is registered with the GMC is entitled to practice, give medical advice and prescribe medication. If the doctor is running an independent clinic or a medical agency, then that establishment needs to be registered with the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW). We are currently looking into the registration requirements for GenderGP.

"Given the experience I have in this field, as a result of my work with transgender patients, I am looking forward to helping out with service delivery, education and training where needed.

"The UK protocols for children are dictated by age, and are found by many young people and their parents to be very cautious and prescriptive. For example, you have to be prescribed blockers in order to receive hormones; you are not allowed to start gender affirming treatment until you reach a certain age. Many centres are moving more towards a model of informed consent, where the patient has much more involvement in their treatment planning."

She added: "I am looking forward to a time in the future when trans children and adults will have more input into their care plans and are allowed to make decisions outside of rigid and protocols that are not evidence-based, with the support of their family."