SOME of the decisions made under the 21st Century Schools programme across Wales have been controversial.

Schools closures and / or mergers have often left communities torn between wanting improved school facilities but not at the price of losing their local facility.

Not so in Caldicot, where the secondary school has been rebuilt under the 21st Century School’s banner.

And if the reaction of the first pupils in the school yesterday is anything to go by this is going to be a hit.

Not so long ago we were reporting on the dilapidated state of the old Caldicot School. There was not doubting that it was no longer fit for purpose and some of the conditions in the classrooms were appalling.

News that it was to be totally rebuilt was widely welcomed.

Now the new school has opened its doors and what a difference for staff and pupils.

The design is impressive, the amount of money invested significant and the final result really does have the wow factor.

And we have no doubt that what will now follow will be improved results as the school environment really does seem to make a difference.