GWENT’S MPs have had their say on the EU Withdrawal Bill, as the Brexit process continues.

Islwyn’s Chris Evans, Newport West’s Paul Flynn, Newport East’s Jessica Morden, Blaenau Gwent’s Nick Smith, and Torfaen’s Nick Thomas-Symonds were among 290 representatives to vote against the bill, which sets out the basis of leaving Europe.

Monmouth’s David Davies was the only area MP to vote in favour of the bill, which was approved as 326 members supported the motion in total.

Torfaen’s Mr Thomas-Symonds told the Argus afterwards: “This bill is not about whether we leave the EU – it is about how that process is handled.

“Recognising the result of the referendum, I voted to trigger Article 50 to leave the EU.

“But the ineptitude of the Tory Government’s strategy since has been a disaster for everyone, whether they voted to Leave or Remain.

“People certainly did not vote for jobs and key rights to be undermined by a shoddy Brexit process.

“The Tory Government appears incapable of listening to concerns and following a process that puts jobs first.

“This bill is a cynical power grab by the Tory Government, something that I cannot support.

“I am not prepared to give a blank cheque to Tory ministers to change whichever laws they please.”

Ms Morden said: “I respect the referendum result and we need proper scrutiny in Parliament as to what happens next.

“The Government have presented a bill which hands sweeping powers to ministers and abruptly bypasses Parliament on key decisions, including not recognising devolution.”

“Labour’s amendment – which I voted for – sets this out and makes our approach clear.”

And Mr Flynn added: “There are deep divisions in all political parties that make this complex bill a nightmare.

“Withdrawing from the EU is not the simple choice that was approved by the referendum.

“We have to continue as good democrats with preparations to leave but every day new problems arise.

“In the end MPs must vote for the best interests of their constituents.”

David Davies was approached for a comment, while Islwyn’s Mr Evans said: “I voted against this bill because it is a flawed and cynical attempt by the government to bypass Parliamentary democracy.

“It would allow a small handful of ministers in Whitehall to dictate which EU laws we will keep and which we will throw away.

“We are leaving the EU in line with the referendum result, but Parliament must not be side-lined in order to achieve it.

“My message to the government is this: work together with opposition parties in Parliament to fix the bill.”

Mr Smith, for Blaenau Gwent, said: “I want the Government to get on with Brexit and I respect and back the result of the referendum, particularly with Blaenau Gwent’s vote to leave.

“But that doesn’t mean blindly handing over absolute power to an absolutely useless Tory Government.”

“This bill does nothing to protect workers’ rights, environmental laws and the thousands of Welsh jobs that depend on European trade.

“My borough deserves a Brexit that works for Blaenau Gwent.”