A 71-YEAR-OLD has praised his great-grandson for being a “little hero” by getting help after he fell off his bike.

Frank Scrivens was riding his bike with six-year-old great-grandson Shogun Scrivens in a remote area of Parc Bryn Bach, Ebbw Vale, but fell off and broke his femur - resulting in him needing a full hip replacement.

The 71-year-old said the pair were both on bikes but near the BMX trails where no one else was around.

However, he said six-year-old Shogun was quick to react and immediately followed his great-grandfather’s instructions to get help.

Mr Scrivens said: “I regularly take him out to the park on his bike and I also need one so that I can keep up with him really.

“He cycles well for a little boy and where we usually go around the pond was very crowded with dog walkers so we decided to go to a quiet area near the golf course bit and bike trail.

“Shogun wanted a go on the BMX track and I rode near him but came off and broke my femur. The area is quite remote and there was no one around there at all - but he managed to go and get a member of staff from the park to come and help us.”

Mr Scrivens said after park staff were notified several people arrived and helped move him to an area where paramedics could reach him, and said Shogun was calm throughout the entire situation.

He said: “For a six-year-old he was calm and collected. He was instrumental in getting people up to see to me.”

To show his great-grandson how proud he was, Mr Scrivens - who is now recovering from his hip replacement - organised a surprise school assembly at All Saint’s Catholic Primary School where Shogun attends. During the assembly he told the children the story of what happened and presented Shogun with a bravery award and Minion toy.

“Children are not always noticed for the good things they do but they are noticed when they misbehave and I wanted to change that,” Mr Scrivens said.

“I wanted to do something for his bravery.”

Head teacher at All Saint’s Catholic Primary School Jill Jones said the event was “excellent” and all the children enjoyed hearing about what Shogun did. The school also presented Shogun with a certificate for his bravery,

Ms Jones said: “We were so proud him. He was so shocked to see his family there and didn’t know what was going on at first. The children were so well-behaved and loved listening to Mr Scrivens.”